I'm a journalist who can produce, shoot, and edit. At Quartz, I focus on creating videos for social platforms like Facebook and YouTube.  I went to Singapore to learn about the economic case for open borders. I was on a deep sea exploration with scientists trying to protect marine sanctuaries from oil exploration, and discovered the beauty of jellyfish. I did a story about Brazil's audacious plan to fight poverty with neuroscience. I explained NAFTA through shoes and avocadoshow Trump's language can change our brains, and how our Trump jokes are changing the English languageI've also done stories about microagressions and Hallmark's amazing art collection.

Before Quartz, I spent several years in broadcast news. I produced and shot stories for PBS about topics like FDA-approved medical devices that ruined women's lives, the junk science law in Texas, the legalization of marijuana in Coloradothe drought in California, biobanking, the 2014 midterms elections in Louisiana and Kansas, how scrap metal thieves put the public in danger, why biologic drugs are so expensive in the US, the pension crisis, how drones are coming to a sky near you, “friendly” fracking, the Affordable Care Act, student hackers, undocumented students, paying for miles driven instead of a gas tax, and Jimmy Carter’s grandson. I went to Pakistan to cover the drone war and report on how drone missile pieces are linked back to manufacturers in the US. I also traveled to Palau to see how climate change is destroying paradise. I've also reported from Haiti for ABC News and CNN.  

I've spent time with lexicographers and font designers, and once worked on a Lady Gaga production.

I can be useful without a camera. I’ve written about what it's like being an American tourist in North Koreadrones, rogue opposition researchers, a cartoonist who went from paper to pixels, election-season digital biopics, and churches in movie theaters.